USD $1 million Dollars Relief Funds To Africans In Ukraine -Russia

DafriBank Digital LTD
2 min readMar 8, 2022


We woke up on the morning of 24 February, 2022 to a full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops in an escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian War that began in 2014.

I was alarmed by the far-reaching impact on innocent people in the region and like many of us watching from afar, I feel driven to do what I can to help starting with fellow Africans who have lost their livelihood as result of the conflict.

Through DafriBank, I’m donating the sum of $1 million dollars to Africans Living in Ukraine/ Russia both returnees and those still in the conflict zone.

I am heartened by the resolute stance of NATO, the EU and many companies and stand behind and recognise the bravery of the Ukrainian people.

At times like this, I feel that people and organizations that are in a position to help have a responsibility to do so in whatever ways are possible.

We at DafriBank will stay in close contact with organizations working closely with those affected by the so-called Putin’s Special Military Action to determine what additional resources or help they might need as things evolve.

Our commitment is not only to provide you with great banking experience, but to also be there for you in times of distress.

The people of Ukraine are in our thoughts and our hearts, especially some of our Ukrainian engineers who were affected. We hope for a swift resolution to the crisis.

All eligible beneficiaries please contact DafriBank for instructions.

Yours Faithful

Xolane Ndhlovu

Chairman, DafriBank Digital LTD



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