I voted Remain in the EU Referendum

So, you’re part of a club where you have a voice and you have a seat at the table. The club has certain rules. Maybe you don’t entirely agree with all the rules but you’ll always get a vote when rules are decided and actually you’ve been able to negotiate certain special caveats and exceptions for yourself.

A part of you might not be happy with the membership fee but it’s important to remember the perks you get for being a member — perks that would be difficult and much more expensive to negotiate otherwise.

Or maybe you feel like some of the other members come around to your place and take up too much of your space. That’s not really true though, they only take up 0.5% more space— that’s not even one whole percent. Maybe you need to manage yourself a bit better.

One day you get fed up, for whatever reason, and decide to cancel your membership but you want to keep some of the benefits you had as a member. Surely that would be OK, for old time’s sake?

The club agrees. With conditions. Things will be different now you’re not a member. You can keep a few of the benefits you used to enjoy only on the condition that you abide by a set of rules. They are rules that as a member, you might not have entirely agreed with but the difference is that now you don’t get a say in what those rules are.

You might still have to pay some fees towards the club but gone are the days when you were able to negotiate a rebate.

As a member, the club considered you one of their own. Even if you didn’t always see eye to eye, you always had a vote and they would consider what you had to say. Now you’re not a member, things get decided without your input. You might still be invited to some meetings but you don’t participate in decision making because you don’t get to vote. Your only hope for getting your way is to lobby other members to vote a certain way.

You don’t have any real power in this club anymore but those relatively meagre benefits you’ve been able to retain are just too important to give up.

There we have it, my take on the choice we’ve had to make today for the EU Referendum. I don’t share the Leave campaign’s post-Brexit fantasy. The EU is far from perfect but how is damaging both ourselves and the EU with a Brexit going to improve anything? Maybe under the right circumstances, a Brexit might work but these are not the right circumstances. Imagine the Tories having free reign to do what they like without annoying things like workers’ rights or human rights to think about.

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