That’s cool that you’re on Patreon. Maybe it would help if we apply your logic to yourself?

“… you talk about the CEO pay, which has gone from beimg 30 times the average of the people who are working for them to over 300 times. Without any justification you cannot say that they suddenly got more productive, their productivity increased 10 times faster than the rest of the society.”

This is a quote from Stiglitz which I think better explains what Scott is complaining about here. The part where you said that Scott means that he thinks his sponsors shouldn’t have enough money to back him since everything they don’t spend should be extracted from them by the government completely misses the point I think. What is meant here isn’t that all the extra money people have should be taken for them to reduce everybody to a basic income level. What is meant here is that this CEO which Stiglitz is talking about should be obliged to turn back a greater proportion of his income to the pot of the society so that he increases the actually will be spent income of the poorer block of the nation -which doesn’t sound unjust since it isn’t deserved by him already if we think it in terms of neoclassical marginal productivity-. Reducing income inequality is not bringing everybody down to the same level. It is decreasing the gap between the poor and the rich so that the poor can have access to a more humane life in accord with the civilized standards.