Climbing Mount Fuji tested me to my limits both physically and psychologically, but finally standing at the top with my team was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Dag-Inge enjoying the view of the sunrise on the way to the top.

Our little startup Confrere is about to turn 1 year, and after our team’s trip to JSConf EU, three of us headed to Japan to take on Mt Fuji. (Our city dweller CPO opted to chill in the sun in some park back in Europe).

A story of hunting bugs on the Edge of WebRTC.

Two days ago we got a strange report from one of our customers: 18 minutes into a video call he was having with one of his clients, the call mysteriously disconnected. And then it happened again — after 18 minutes. Was it a coincidence?

Not only was it a strange bug, it was a highly embarrassing one. Our goal is to make a video conversation tool that is so easy to use that a doctor or psychologist would want to subscribe to our service. Needless to say, calls consistently disconnecting after 18 minutes isn’t in line with that goal.

Working with bleeding edge web technologies can sometimes be a pain. This is a screenshot of the first ever test of Confrere on Safari for iPad.

WebRTC has always meant dealing with bugs


Don’t let users hassle with a task that can easily be done by the servers.


How often have you been met with the above error message? Image uploading on the web is full of annoyances. Are you telling me I have to dig out that old copy of Photoshop I have lying around, and try to resize the image to fit your inane image upload standards?

At Confrere, we try to be better, and create our service on our user’s terms. This means that we should take whatever file the user gives us, and deal with that, resizing and processing it down to our standards instead of putting that burden on the user.

Earlier this spring I made the tough decision to leave the product and the wonderful team behind it at After nearly four years in my current position at, and close to 6 years in total in Telenor Digital (parent company), it was time for me to move on.

Telenor Digital was in many ways my first real experience working as a Software Engineer. It was where my first summer internship took me, back then as a hired consultant, until I moved on to become a part-time intern during my university years. It was where I landed my first…

Working remotely is no doubt the future of work. Cities are getting more crowded, collaboration is global and employee expectations to how they should be allowed to work is changing. As part of meeting this new future has given their employees a task. Work remotely and travel, and then document and research your findings on what works, and what doesn’t. In this series of blog posts I’ll talk about my expectations, experience and sum up my thoughts on working remotely part-time as a software engineer.

Ever since I started having the means to travel the world, I have loved it and started doing it as often as I can. Only problem is time. In Norway we are lucky to have 5 weeks vacation every year to spend as we wish, and I have been travelling a lot with work, but that thirst for more is still there. In the last three years I have visited Japan, South Korea, United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Finland, various places in Norway, and more. Common for all of them is that I have at some point worked while…

I could tell you many stories about late nights spent debugging, but today I want to tell you a special story of mine, about dragons in code, when database queries go wrong.

The team hopefully going up, not down. Credits: Synshorn Via Ferrata

In late September 2016 we started seeing some unusual issues. Seemingly at random, one of our production servers completely froze up, and refused to talk to the database. Due to fixed load balancing in our set-up for socket servers, this meant that a group of our users couldn’t connect or do anything at all. They were connected to our server just fine, but any call or state change…

And with that, JSConf Iceland is officially over. I thought I should share some of my thoughts about why this conference was great, why it should happen again, and why you should come too!

Iceland as seen from above

The Country

The first thing to hit you when you fly over and land in Iceland is how amazingly beautiful it is. From its volcanic landscapes to its cozy cities, Iceland makes you feel like home right from the start. The capital of Reykjavik is a chill city with just enough people in the streets to make it feel alive, but not too crowded. When I first landed…

I’ve talked about previously how we measure and analyze WebRTC traffic in Following up in Philipp’s blog post on where to deploy TURN servers, I wanted to do one on latency and how that differs in our service across the world.

In our datasets we have, amongst other things, the mean send audio RTT for each call, as well as which TURN server was used during the call. …

Inspired by my good friend @fippo’s blog post on failing WebRTC calls, I wanted to play around with some data too. However, I’m far too lazy to dig around with SQL all the time, so I wanted something a bit more powerful.

The software we use to extract features from WebRTC calls being made in stores that data in DynamoDB, before it is put into Redshift for long-term storage and analytics purposes. This is mostly an implementation detail, but DynamoDB has some really nice features. Using DynamoDB Streams we can capture table activity and get that piped into something…

A trip in pictures from February and March 2015

In March 2015, four other friends and I visited New York City for a 7 day long trip. The following is a picture narrative of our travels from start to finish, kept mostly for my own sake.

Day 1: Brooklyn Bridge and One World Trade Center

Our first day, after battling jetlag to get up in the morning, and having recovered my nostrils from “The Shaman Lady” incident on the plane over the Atlantic, we decided to go to One World Trade Center and the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, downtown in…

Dag-Inge Aas

CTO and Co-founder for Confrere. Strangely fascinated by numbers and graphs.

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