‘The Titans…’ Our team and us…!

“…only the titians led by the fire brigade can do this”

It is a great and wonderful opportunity when you meet someone who creates an impact on your life and I am not speaking of a bad one, I mean the best one. It even gets better if it is a group or a team of people with a positive impact on your life, imagine what you can become if you belong to that team having different people with different self-taught principles, beliefs, knowledge, hobbies and so much more and all that is in your grasp, I mean you can get knowledge from one of them, learn a new skill from another, then go on a date with also another; just saying, create new inventions and innovations with another and the loop just keeps getting bigger and better. I believe that meeting someone new in or not in a group or team is extremely amazing because to a particular extent you grow from the activities, challenges, memories and the success achieved together with them.

So speaking of a group or team, I am in this fellowship by Andela where we are learning new technologies, languages, and also trying to get the job, that Andela is offering to whoever makes it. But that’s not the point, the point is the teammates that am working with, the new friends. Let me talk about a few…

Ritah Namono

I always say ladies first, so introducing Rhytah Namono, a down to earth lady who is really funny in nature in a way that she thinks of the crazy stuff and makes them seem real in a hilarious way; I bet she even doesn't know that about herself but its super interesting because people with a mind like hers are rear. She also has this willingness to get up and fight again when she falls. Am sure this does not only apply in this boot camp experience we are having together but also in her life. She is strong-willed and doesn't just give up anyhow… I like that about her because there is just positivity when it comes to being around her. Even if stuff is bad, just call out and say, “Ritah, first come!” and you will see… I have limits but if she is limitless, so can I.

Nabulo Vivian

Nabulo Vivian is that one lady who is super hungry for knowledge… She always wants to know more and more and more. Teach her a way of implementing a method and surely you will have to teach her other ways of implementing that method at her request, and the best part about this is that she doesn't stay with that knowledge she acquires, she willingly shares it with others, super self-less in the best way I have seen. I remember my first boot camp with Andela, she was my teammate and now she is again my teammate, how lucky can I get… This shows that she is persistent and aims for the goal which character trait I will acquire as I continue working with her.

Kayondo Edward

The moment I met this young man, I just kept smiling because the nigga (no offense intended) was smiling even when he was asking the most serious of questions and this just made me feel like ok, even if these things are hard for him, he is not letting them take him down too. To have Kayondo Edward on our team is really a blessing… in a way that there is nothing that can make weaken us even if the bug in the code is on another level, Edward will ask for help with a giggle at the beginning and the bug has surely no other option but to debug. There are few, very few like you.

There are others in our team but to keep this short, I will not talk about them but mention them; Probus Nimukama, Ronald L and Peter M who also have amazing Qualities

Ben Lukyamuzi, LFA, Andela

Lastly is our Learning Facilitator Assistant, Ben Lukyamuzi. His scope of knowledge and experience is not only limited to Uganda which makes him the perfect mentor because he comes with all this diverse culture from other countries and instills it in us with his calmness. The fact that he has been exposed to foreign cultures, knowledge, clients, and ideologies makes me want to learn more and more from him to better myself. Apart from all that, he is really calm when he is passing very vital information around, in that on the first day we met, he was telling us very crucial things but with this environment that made me and my teammates feel right at home. He is someone I would want to work with even if he is my LFA or not. There is more to him than I can state here but if you get all that and all the people I have spoken about above then you make us… “The Titans (the7s)”