This shortcut creates the impression that conservative women largely agree on issues. Trust me on this one. We are not any sort of hive mind.
What conservative women think: a collection
Leslie Loftis

As I was reading this intro piece I couldn’t help but scream at the screen: We, “liberals” feel the same! We’re not a hivemind. Just because I call myself a feminist, doesn’t mean I agree with all of the “feminist” opinions so readily presented to mass media. We, liberal feminists are also nuanced and varied, not a uniform group. That we organise into bodies, hold conferences and have mailing lists doesn’t in any way change this. It creates a space for debate, a place to exchange points of view. I suppose that for conservative feminists (imho, we need to get back to the fact that feminism simply means equality of opportunity, regardless of sex and to this I am certain many conservative women could subscribe?) it can be hard to come to these events. In part because, like you say, perhaps you don’t seem them as relevant. In part maybe because your views are often met with unneccessary outrage? 
Anyway, I am getting sidetracked. I mostly wanted to point out that just as it is easy for us “liberals” to see you “conservative women” as a hivemind, you tend to do that to us too ;) I believe there was even some research referenced in a book I recently read (“The organised mind”) on how our mind tends to see our own point of view as complex but the other side’s as simple. So maybe it’s inevitable :D 
I look forward to reading more of Iron Ladies. I have always been curious of the “conservative woman”. Economically, I’m a conservative myself, socially I definetly lean left. I could never quite phatom how women could BE conservative… Seems like shooting yourself in the foot to me. Hope to figure it out soon, with your help :)

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