Its James Altucher Fault.

All what happen few days ago was his fault and I know and I have to said it to the world.

He made a post on his FB fan page about his daughter and about that he prefer she start to make websites and admin GB Fan pages better that have an ordinary job. Ah James…what happen to me is your fault for sure.

I have the brilliant idea to share the post with my son. He es young and he is just 16 and I may say he is still an innocent kid and for sure still a child for me.

After read the post, my son decide to make WP websites. He have no clue about it but he decided is better than car wash on summer or work on Party's with kids serving soft drinks. For some reason I know about WP and I have no heart to say no to my son and tell him he can make WP sites in summer to earn extra money . This is your fault James Altucher …all this is your fault.

I'm member in a FB groups where Dads on my city post what they are doing for living . They post if want to sell something they don't need or ask for something they need to buy.

Thinking in James I made a post on the group and I must admit I was full of fear. The post said “Hi guys, my son want to made 3 websites for earn extra cash, He is 16 and he is looking for small projects. He know nothing about websites but I do and I can supervise the job. I'm trying help my son so he can learn about financial freedom and know about taking responsibilities. If any one need a website we can help each other. You got a nice website and my son start to learn about money and how to handle it. Please drop me an inbox if you think it can work for you”

That´s all.

Few moments latter something happen. Something happen and I blame James Altucher about all this.

Inbox msg start to land and people asking to know more about this idea. People want to know more about a kid trying to earn some money and most important thing is every single msg say they love the idea to help my kid. A kid none of them know ( they don't even know me ) but everybody care about.

My kid took the firs customer. We almost end the first website and there is 2 other projects waiting to be made. On first website my son charge something like 450 dollars and may earn something like 400 or so, Same will apply for each project. We expect he can earn 1,200 dollars in the summer. Not bad for a 16 years old kid. He may give some of the money to support the home expenses, some to saving account and some for his personal needs.

James Altucher, this is your fault. All this is your fault. And i hace to say Thanks for write the post on your Facebook. It inspire me and help my son to know about the Choose Yourself way of living.

I'm sure my kid learn that he can always choose himself and create money he need with freedom and peace of mind and far away from 9 to 5 schedule

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