Argentina returns to the political maturity

The ruling party won a quorum in Congress, and 20 hours are debating ago.

This government does not have absolute majority and will try to solve a historical problem that has besieged to Argentina 14 years ago. This shows that Argentina began functioning democracy.

Lawmakers must approve the agreement with the holdouts and come to this session under two conditions:

Not looking for a political success. It is not a measure to celebrate. It is to remedy a judgment of the Court of New York, which in my opinion violated several legal principles hitherto prevailing in USA.

And the other condition is to take a step forward to solve this problem. Turn to page history of corruption, populism, and disrespect for the international community, but not like the decisions made in the North.

This would be an act of political maturity of Argentina. And it's what you can bring to the international community. The commitment to dialogue and respect. Knowing that 12 billion dollars will go into the hands of speculators, who have even threatened the government of the USA itself.

The law would be voted in hours, but already has the support of more than half of lawmakers.

Argentina not to indebt, Argentina will issue bonds to pay the carrion. It is not a contradiction. Argentina wants to end the problem, leaving the populism of the phrase "homeland or vultures" and start a path of economic development. The moral truth of cruel, corrupt and illegal financial system we leave for the future. For future generations.

Back to the world will also have a clear message of reassurance.

We have nothing to celebrate; effort paid with the pains of the past.

Was paid to the Paris Club, ICSID is arranged can not solve the problem, and YPF never explained how he feasted shares to private entrepreneurs. That is our past.

But we trust our human potential. Argentina now may rise.