3 Powerful Ways To Uplift Yourself When You Hit A Low Point In Life
Prakhar Verma

Nice article at the right time. Thank you.

Point 1 is incredibly important. If you define yourself only through one role, be it father, worker, or anything, you can loose everything in a single event. I actually saw that happenening with someone who defined himself only by his job. He lost this role through a stupid accident and couldnt work anymore. That cost him his life in the end.

Right now things around me are bad. Not “my work is stressy” bad, but “people are dying and the ones I love are suffering” bad. What helps me the most is routine. If you have a plan that works even when you fell like you are disfunctional you get through the day. So I can’t fully agree in point 2. I’m not changing anything. Especially when things get tough I like it when I don’t have to think about what to do next. I have my routine. It works and improves my life if I just stick to it. No motivation involved. Maybe thats just for me.

Point 3 also has a golden nugget in there. “Help others”. I wouldnt relate it to the problem. When you have the chance help someone with anything. Especially when you feel bad. It increases your mood and makes you feel usefull.