I am involved with two women. I am in a relationship outside my marriage. The two women know about each other. We are in a relationship as a threesome. That will get your attention.

Nearly four years ago, I strayed outside my marriage with another woman. She did not know when she met me that I was married but soon after, it became quite obvious to her and confessing was simpler than lying. We developed a passion for one another but struggled.

I love K. I will always love K. My marriage slipped and suffered because of a lack of sexual intimacy. K gave me that. The first date she performed orally on me, in the back seat of a car and it was arousing and exciting. And something I’d never had before. She was worried I would never call her again. I was worried she’d never want me again. Neither proved true.

As she drove away and we went to our separate homes, I remember texting. This was the first time in 10 years that I’d felt passionate about another woman. I felt as though she lusted for me and I returned the favor. Meanwhile my marriage continued to atrophy. I had no sexual contact and would never again have that with the woman I was married to.

K and I began to see each other more frequently. She found excuses and reasons to be away from her husband and I didn’t have to be too creative to escape from mine. My job allowed for a great deal of travel and all I had to do was create a business trip and I could get as many days with K as she could give me. We met at hotels, went on trips together, had day dates where we spent time at coffee shops, but the challenges were always there. K’s husband left for a job out of state, several hours away and left her to fend for herself. Living in the basement of her sister-in-law’s house was humiliating and limiting. It was difficult, but not impossible, for us to be together. We loved, we fought, we argued, we did things we’d never done before. Our relationship was initially started because of our common interest in bondage and domination and submission. She was the submissive, I the dominant, both leading the vanilla relationship and the sexual one.

Our first time spending the night together was in the Washington Hilton. It was exciting, feeling illegal and sophisticated. I remember telling her how I wanted her to dress and bought her a pair of expensive, sensual, long black leather opera gloves. I had no idea or concept of how enchanted she was with me. I lacked any semblance of confidence in my appearance yet she viewed me as the most handsome man she’d ever met. I knew that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen or made love to. It’s fair to say that I certainly lost it for her in the initial stages of the relationship, but as the relationship matures and grew my lost remained but my love became deeper and more genuine.

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