But many crypto projects remain in the forbidden zone, they may have signs of uncertainty, gambling and other haram🚫

The mission of DAHAB is to unite all tokens allowed by Islamic law on one Swap platform❇️ This way all Muslims interested in crypto investments can connect to DAHAB DEX and buy/sell cryptocurrency without any fear — all crypto assets on our platform will be carefully checked by moderators and only then placed for trading⚖️

This will allow millions of Muslims to participate in crypto investments and will open the possibility for hundreds of crypto projects to approve their Halal💎 status

By investing in DHB token, you are investing in the development of DAHAB DEX, which will grow in popularity immediately after launch, and thus bring you profits from development💰

Invest in DHB



We are pleased to announce the start of the Open Round at 15:00 UTC, May 14, 2022 🌟

From now on, any crypto investor can buy official DHB token and participate in the development of DAHAB project 🌍

You can choose the option to invest that best suits you in terms of conditions. You also reserve the right to use both options to expand your possibilities ✨

Option #1:
Price — $0.0003
Min. amount — $100
Method: BUSD, USDT / DHB Swap
Shift: 28 May 2022, 15:00 UTC
Lock: 6 months

Option #2:
Price — $0.0006
Min. amount — $500
Method: BUSD, USDT, BTC, SOL, ETH transfer
Shift: 28 May 2022, 21:00 UTC
Lock: not available

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🟢Invest in Option #1

🟣Invest in Option #2





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