Your thoughts?
Veering off topic, but not breaking from it, I have two questions.

Everyone’s strategy with tags is going to differ, but my personal way to handle tags consists of brainstorming what I think makes the most sense, considering the post I’ve written, and then, if I have doubts or questions, investigating what else is written in those tags by others and drawing inspiration from their related tags. Sometimes, it makes sense, like in the case of “Community” here: I am talking about what different communities on the platform what to read, and what communities are vying for. Since I really recommend using all three tags every time, I do think digging into the best terms to find the most interested audiences is worth your time. I don’t see a benefit in shoehorning your post into a tag where things don’t feel “right”.

As for being able to see what tags I’ve used, that’s an interesting idea I’ll send to the team.

Next up, you asked if Medium vets content posted by users for accuracy. We don’t, because we can’t. Medium is an open platform where anyone can post. We don’t have resources to investigate it all and we don’t have the omniscience to listen to the multiple sides of a story and decide what’s true. We’ve found that the best and most practical response to speech you think is wrong is more speech to correct the record — not censorship. This is why we encourage substantive responses and discussion on Medium. If you believe something posted on Medium breaks our rules or terms of service (such as copyright or privacy) report it to us. Our Trust & Safety team reviews all complaints and takes them very seriously.