Why not give some of these new features and privileges to publications, instead of creating a new feature?
Maybe I’m Biased, But…
Brad Decker

Excellent question (and post — and that other post was pretty awesome, too, by the way).

I’d say “don’t worry” but when has that actually ever made anyone not worry? So instead, I’ll say this: collections and publications are different things with different purposes. While we’ve created something new with collections, we are still working on improving publications and I’m feeling good that you’ll dig what we’ve got planned for the future of publications, collections, and other stuff (profiles are on our list too — but this probably comes as a surprise to no one).

Hopefully this helps with some of those concerns and you understand that not everything’s fully baked yet, so sometimes all the details we have to offer is “oh, yeah, we are totally doing that”. In the meantime, if you’d bang on collections and give us all your thoughts, we’d be forever in your debt.

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