I do not fault him though as his intentions were pure
While this has not happened to me on this level, it has in online gaming.
Naomi Hanson

I wish more people understood this. Doing something “wrong” doesn’t necessarily mean you are a bad person. It happens — we all do it — but the only way to improve is to be in a space where you can hear the criticism and work with it to move forward.

I’m a pretty hardcore gamer and I hate talking on voice chat during multiplayer games, even though my experiences speaking in the one I’m currently playing have been overwhelmingly positive. Only once did someone hear my voice and say something like, “well, you’re a girl, so you aren’t going to be good” — everyone else speaks to me like another normal person.

On one hand: amazing. On the other: it’s pretty sad that it’s notable for me to be spoken to as a normal person and that’s mental baggage we all have to acknowledge and work with to move forward.

Also, high five, strategy gamer. I haven’t played that one — but I’m a Civilization nut, so my heart goes pitter pat whenever strategy games are part of the conversation.