and so now instead of showing me stories of people i follow…. i have a shit ton of “categories”
Dave Grigger

If you are so inclined, I would love to hear your thoughts on collections (I am guessing that’s what you are referring to by categories — they are right now only on iOS and Android and we are seeking all opinions on them, so I’m all ears).

For updates, I’m crunching the enormous amount of data I got back from the community survey and am hoping to publish within the next week or two. To help level set, it won’t be realistic to anticipate an announcement on a change or improvement for something as big as, say, our profiles — at least not in a week or two. It’s something we’re already aware of, so that particular issue is already in our pipeline, but if you and I discussed a new pain point entirely the dialogue loop (generally speaking) would require me telling the team, them meeting about it, figuring out what to do, when they can do it, how long it would take to do it, and then me giving updates as they actually do it — the doing of which might take much longer or potentially shorter than first estimated. And even the deciding to do it (and how and when) can take weeks, depending on what else is going on.

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