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Let’s welcome our newest feature

elizabeth tobey
Mar 15, 2016 · Unlisted

Have you ever read something great on Medium and thought, “I’d like to know more about that!”?

Us too.

Today, we announce collections, our newest feature to create a more browsable Medium. Collections are our first iteration of helping folks find more of what they’re looking for on Medium. We want everyone to be able to find more of what they want — and whether that’s about a topic or a tribe of people who are into the same stuff you are, collections are going to be a huge help in achieving that goal.

What’s up with collections

What version 1 of collections is all about

What we’re thinking about for the future of collections

In the coming months, we’ll be opening up collections so that everyone can create them. (If you are interested in becoming an early tester and helping with this project, you can add your name to the list here.) We’re also working on ways to customize and personalize the collections you see, based on your interests. (To read more about how we’re thinking about curation right now, check out this post.) And, of course, we want to make collections more interactive so you can follow them as they evolve and continue the conversations we’ve all grown to love on Medium.

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