I’ll Never Delete Your Number
Amber Discko

My mother and grandparents' numbers still live in my phone. There’s never been a reality where I would consider deleting them.

The last conversation with my mother was short: I was driving home, on my way to a company launch party. She sounded so tired (things were already coming undone) so we talked about almost nothing. I remember the second-to-last call much better: I tried to convince her to buy an Audi and upgrade her ancient Accord. She was clearly humoring me as I extolled the virtues of her future would-be car. My last call with my grandfather was on the morning of my wedding day. I’m thankful that I know I told them both I loved them before we said good bye.

Thank you for sharing. It hurts to remember these things, to call them up randomly, but it’s lovely to remember them, too, and by sharing, we help give each other the space to remember.

You are not alone.

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