A Few Things I’d do to Make Medium More Better.
Brian J. Hertzog

Thank you for the thoughts! I’ll be sending them over to the team.

Couple replies for you (and a pointer or two).

Images: hit CMD+OPT+8 simultaneously and then click on an image you want to be your “featured” image. The green box around said image will then turn red. Otherwise, your first image will be the default featured image. If you want to choose a focal point for the featured image, his ALT and then click on the area you want to be the central focus while still pressing ALT. You’ll see a little circle appear where you clicked (that’s how you know you did it properly).

Being an ex-tumblr employee, I admit I smiled when you said reblog because I’d never considered how our recommendations feature can be seen as similar to a reblog. The power of a recommendation is that you can elevate writing you found insightful to your network of followers to help them find good stuff. I think you highlight a tension we’ve seen around profiles, though, and how different actions (your highlights, your responses, your recommends, your original pieces) all live harmoniously together.

For text and image selections, I won’t rehash everything they explained last October when they redesigned a bit, but we’re always looking into ways to make the writing experience better while still keeping the aesthetic clean and the interface simple and elegant. That will never stop — so thank you for the suggestions.

And lastly, moola. We’re still in the super early days of all things money, so stay tuned.

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