What about quality independent writers who don’t want to write promotional content for brands (corporations)?
What about quality independent writers who don’t want to write promotional content for brands…
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The wide swath of users on this site — readers, writers, creators, individuals, amateurs, pros, publications, brands (oh my) — make Medium an amazing place while also presenting a very difficult challenge in that we need to be adaptable for many needs and wants without becoming clunky or bloated or a mediocre experience.

The Creative Exchange is an offering that will work for some — certainly not all. I’m super excited about it for readers, creators, and for brands — but I’m excited about lots of things we’re doing.

I disagree that Medium thinks quantity is quality but agree with the very valid pain point you bring up for new writers who don’t yet have followings — perhaps are publishing for the very first time. We’re working on it, and we need to do so carefully, so as to not break anything we are doing well while improving for the gaps you and I see and feel.

Our curation efforts, for example, are an area I’m delighted to say helps find those writers who are in Deep Medium (a fantastic term coined by someone here. We should all swim in Deep Medium more — there are gems out there to be discovered.) I dream of a future where everyone is able to swim in Deep Medium, find an untouched diamond in the rough, and spread the word to the people who would want to see that person’s work and otherwise wouldn’t be able to. My early plottings and ruminations on this topic are in their infancy but I’m far from alone in thinking and working on this issue. As a company, we’ll go about helping connect the dots between creators and their audiences through efforts that aren’t, to use a blunt business term, scaleable (for example, no matter how many hours I read Medium, I’m never going to read all the stuff I want to and discover everything I’d like to from the infinite communities out there) and we’ll also work to build new methods and improve existing methods that help people find the stuff they want to read, see, and interact with and direct the people who make that stuff towards the folks who are vying for the stories they create.

Around here, sometimes we talk about trying to boil the ocean. There’s just so damned much to do. We can’t do it all, so we tackle it a piece at a time.

This is one piece of the puzzle. It’s far from the only piece, or the most important piece, and while I hope that the Creative Exchange brings value to you, if it doesn’t, I hope our next improvements and future announcements hit the mark.

And, as always, if you want to send us kudos or complaints or anything in between, I’m all ears and we’re all ears. Luckily, the platform’s built for conversation, so let’s use it, yes?

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