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This line of logic is what I’m speaking about in my article. You could summarize this viewpoint as saying, “you don’t have to do the job if you don’t like it” and to that, I say, “fuck that noise.”

No job should require you to deal with threats, harassment, and vitriol. We agree that no job is perfect, and taking the good with the bad is part of life, but I reject the notion that the “bad” includes dealing with the fact that you cannot go home as your father has very dangerous surgery because the people who play your company’s games will lose their ever-loving shit if you aren’t replying to their questions and demands online during that time.

Video games are particular hostile in this regard. I’ve worked on music-focused mobile apps, at tumblr, and now at Medium, and none of it holds a candle to the near-decade I spent in games. I’m not being hyperbolic when I say I have not received a death threat since I left the gaming industry and it’s delightful.

The choice should not be “if you aren’t okay with that level of stress, get a new job” because that level of stress if below what a human should have to normally endure. We need to respect each other as humans and treat each other with a minimal level of civility and kindness.

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