Men love explaining things.
9 Non-threatening Leadership Strategies for Women
Sarah Cooper

Throughout my career, I’ve experienced flavors of this, but the most galling instance came when I was a senior-level employee and the only leader for my discipline as well as the sole subject matter expert. I had a temporary boss who did not fill a role that overlapped mine in the slightest — which was fine, I just needed an interim leader in the C-suite — and yet, one day, when I was experiencing friction in another department, my boss sat me down and for 10 minutes drew me venn diagrams about how my department worked with users and other departments.

Literally, he drew a flow chart and diagram of what I do and how I interact with the people with whom I do it.

It took a lot of effort to not burst out laughing because I could tell, like a puppy, he was super proud of all the information he’d somehow learned (probably the night before) and that he actually thought I he was dropping some serious knowledge on me.

I quit two weeks later.