So get more sleep. Stop bragging about how little you got. Make your peak mental capacity accessible.
Sleep deprivation is not a badge of honor

Tracking your sleep is awesome

Why my Fitbit is more than just stat porn

Sleep deprivation sucks. I’m the kind of person that needs 7 hours of sleep, on average, to maintain a modicum of normalcy. When I fall too low below that mark, my tension headaches and migraines flair. My work quality plummets. I snap at people a lot more. I become a complete disaster while playing video games. (Sadly, this last one is what usually tips me off about sleep deprivation.)

A couple years ago, my husband bought me a Fitbit because I love stats and am more motivated when I can attach numbers to things, thusly creating very tangible goals to “beat.” It’s that gamer thing in me rearing its head.

I wear my Fitbit every day; I even have a fancy Tory Burch band now (Christmas present from my husband this year — he’s dreamy) so that my Fitbit looks amazing, even when I’m wearing it out with a dress. I already work out a lot and since I live in Manhattan, walking 10,000 steps in a day isn’t actually that difficult, but it’s the sleep tracking that makes my Fitbit a life saver.

You can’t hide from sleep deprivation when a chart logs your hours, every day, and puts them into a straightforward graph.

That’s my week this week. I am not the least bit surprised: this chest cold has been rattling around in my lungs for 10 days now. I got a terrible headache last night and while writing this, I think it might be coming back.

Duh. Look at your numbers, girl.

And yet, somehow, I get more sleep than 14 percent of women my age?

How the hell does that happen?

How are they alive?

I go to bed too late. I know that. My best friend lives on the west coast and has a baby, so I don’t get to talk to him till 10:15 or later, local time. I was “disciplined” last night because of the aforementioned headache — and that only got me into bed at 12:33 AM.

Last week, I average 7 hours, 23 minutes of sleep (thanks, weekend catch up. I know you aren’t a real thing, but you help my numbers look less pitiful).

My best week this year was in early January: 8 hours, 37 minutes of sleep. Want to know why?

I got the goddamned flu.

This is a terrible reason to get enough sleep.

Sleep: it does a body good.


Track it. Look at the stats. Hold yourself accountable. Hell, shame yourself.

Everyone, including yourself, will thank you for it.

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