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We’ll have to agree to disagree on these points: the choice of an expletive was done deliberately, with an eye to precision of language and tone for the piece. I will vehemently disagree with the nuance of literary criticism if curse words are the bar to create lazy or simple-minded writing; instead, that feels like a veiled insult when, instead, we should talk about strong personal preferences. I respect and understand those who don’t like curse words in any instance. That view of language is a valid one, yet not one I share. I can appreciate those who write that way, so long as they do it well, and if you don’t like my use of expletives in my literary applications, I respect that. But lazy writing? A pox on that. I work far too hard to abide by that, good sir.

In short: mixing denotes a level of competence in cooking (the artistic kind, where one must feel what is right in terms of levels of spice and seasoning) and my aim was to convey the exact opposite — as if I were bumbling through a bramble of jars and bottles, sticking spoons in mouths till I struck culinary gold, although quite on accident.

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