“I was expressing delight that a young intern knew about GPUs, which for many years had been an obscure component. Still, I can understand how my comment could have been taken the wrong way, and I am sorry.”
Dumb Widdle Girls in Tech
Elizabeth Spiers

When I read this at work, I uttered out loud, “oh, fuck your face,” without realizing it until a colleague nearby looked up at me, confused.

I roll my eyes when women are talked down to around technology — I want to tell people who do this to get a better schtick — but I still cannot do anything but become enraged when I read these toothless, completely unbelievable and insincere non-apologies.

There is absolutely no way on earth that you show delight to an intern at a tech company by saying “you don’t even know what a GPU is, huh?” It doesn’t make logical sense.

Huang should be held accountable for his comments. He probably didn’t think about what he was saying and wasn’t trying to insult a woman — but that kind of makes it worse, since the thought is so ingrained it’s natural and can come out without any desire to be malicious.

But this spokesperson, and the entire team behind said spokesperson who approved this awful lie of a non-apology?

I don’t think they should be allowed to issue statements anymore because they are clearly terrible at it. If we want to actually stop the trend of sexist comments like the one at this event, we have to do more than deal with those who speak the words. We have to track it down the line and hold those accountable that try and sweep the problem under the rug. Those actions are perhaps more damaging than the initial utterance — and we always let those slide.

That has to stop.