Do you really, honestly think so?
Do you really, honestly think so?
Nicolas Ibarra

Yes. Yes, I do.

Not hyperbole. Show me one instance where he has acted with any Presidential knowledge. I include his shutting down a large swath of Manhattan due to hubris, his outreach to leaders in the most haphazard manner, his daughter being in meetings she should not be, his family being in a transition team when they should not be, his refusal to set aside his business so it does not become a conflict of interest, his Twitter rants, his lack of any policy, his campaign that was made up of hate and fear rather than actual plans to fix the country (case in point: that fucking wall, the price of which he quoted incorrectly and he had to balloon that price to over double the initial amount over the course of his campaign. And he claims to know how to build shit. How do you think he’ll do with something he’s never done if he’s so terrible at something he claims to have mastered?)

Rather than continuing to bait me with platitudes as thin as his, how about you respond with any knowledge of government or world politics. Until then, good day.

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