Am I wrong, Elizabeth?
Hi, Elizabeth.
Tom Mitchell

You definitely aren’t wrong, but you might not also be right. Unfortunately, as much as I try to put science to this art of writing, I can’t give you a formula that will always optimize your reach.

Generally, I would say that I’ve found pieces that are three-minute reads or longer garner a bit more traction (I think that’s because it takes about that long, at least, to say something well). That’s not to say you HAVE to have three minutes of writing to read: Generalizations are, in general, not that great.

Same goes for writing frequency. I’ve seen a correlation between writing consistently (i.e., regularly) and reader growth and traction. That doesn’t mean you should spam your followers with stuff you don’t believe in, merely to publish — but if you were going to write once a week or once a month, I’d say, go more with once a week.

Take these as general guidelines, not hard-and-fast rules, and remember that the thing that matters most is that you write something worth reading. If you do that once a year, rock on. If somehow you are a writing super hero and can do that once a day, please, teach me your ways.

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