WHO AM I? You decide :)

Good evening — My name is David and over the course of time I shall share with you some stories from my life. I am 41 years old, Married too Emma and have 2 boys Ben (8) and Jack (4) — to al lot of people I have a great life, Happily married, lovely young family, working from home choosing my own hours and always positive. It has not always been that way. Over time I shall talk about the time I was made homeless at the age of 16, living in Drug dealers squats, Disused maisonettes, Bin Chutes and a homeless hostel where I shared space with Burglars, Low level drug dealers, and very violent people. I will also share with you how I lived for 1 year in a tent in the lake district living off the land — or the time whilst living in shared accommodation in Bolton — I woke up one morning at 4:30am and thought “Is this it? Is this my life? — within the hour I was at Bolton Train station boarding a train too London with just £150 in my pocket. No job prospects, no contacts, no destination in mind — and how I turned it around too become regional manager of a large Retail group, and set up home and work within an hour off arriving at my destination. At this point I have not even touched upon the time I was arrested for Arson and eventually cleared — Was a victim of 3 Armed robberies and subjected too 3 broken Jaws. I would also like too tell you the story of How Barry Manilow nearly got me killed or how 4 years ago I was diagnosed with a Neuromuscular disorder and severe Lung defect and how my life deteriorated too the point where I was on 36 tablets a day plus Morphine and could even hold my child. I would also like too tell you the positive sides too these coins where I established a business and got my A-Levels whilst homeless, How I managed too come off all my tablets and got my life back. I shall leave that up too you — It would be interesting too hear from you on which period of my life you would like too hear first. I am now a public speaker and go round the country motivating people and inspiring them too realize that Adversity can be a good thing — It can be the perfect time too make a great decision that can have a positive impact on their lives. After all, after the darkest hour their is always light and after deep recession their is always growth. Lets connect and lets help each other grow. Thank you for now.

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