Over the past year I’ve been spending some time in the subreddit r/ProductManagement and with my background of 10 years in Software Development and 3 years in Product Management, I’m happy to write where I can contribute. In this series, I’ll republish some of the responses I’ve written and maybe expand on them.

How do you deal with a lazy and temperamental dev who is inconsistent and is not fired only because of his historical knowledge?

No pls, do not tell me to talk to the person 1x1. This has been tried and failed by even his Mgr. His Mgr was recently fired and now his two up is dealing with him and knows all about his flaws. Yet his Mgr said to…

Written by Daniel Senff, Dennis Schmidt, Juan Dominguez-Moran, Severin Haemmerl & Walter Laurito — March 22, 2020


Italy, Spain, and other countries are already experiencing shortage of ventilators.

In Germany the crisis is getting worse by the day. Our doctors are already expressing their concerns about the lack of necessary equipment, including vital parameter monitors

Availability of vital parameters such as (peripheral) oxygen saturation (SpO2), heart rate, blood pressure is key in order to judge health status of patients and to keep an overview of all patients in a given ward

Medical doctors who are currently treating hundreds of Covid-19…

Sunset at water hole at Etosha National Park

When I started my first job I had a colleague who only worked 4 days a week and I knew, this is something I want to try too. So when I interviewed in my current company, a 36-hour workweek was one of the first conditions we agreed on. Working in Germany, this used to be a regular week length, but for over a decade 40 hours have become the norm. It was a agreed. As a developer, this never posed an issue. As I switched into Product and Project Management, I resisted the expectation to go full-time. …

Chicken, a dog and donkey chill in the shades. I’m sure there is a cat hiding somewhere. Soon they make music!

In our company, we experimented the last year with various setups of Cross-functional teams. These teams consist of members from different departments for a limited time to implement a specific goal. They do not have to be IT-focused, but coming from an IT background my experience is from being in and leading IT- and Product-focused teams.

If you are reading this setup guide, chances are high that you want to set up a new Cross-functional team. Awesome! This guide should give you a hand in where to start and what the main questions you and your team should discuss are.


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