No, Free Pride Glasgow did not ban drag queens

They were quoted as banned from the event. This was then changed to banned from performing to the current statement you have in your article. I’m afraid the evidence was deleted by Free Pride on their events page under the premise of ‘difficulty moderating the page’ so they deleted the whole, 300 odd comment thread.

Their statement turned a non issue into an issue. If drag queens performances were vetted or if they simply weren’t invited to perform, it wouldn’t be an issue. By releasing the previous 2 statements followed by the one in its current form, they cause outrage themselves and a whole lot of negative press.

While I welcome an event that puts trans and non cis people, you cannot do this AND claim your event is inclusive for all if you are then banning people, even if it is simply from performing. In addition to this, straight allies were specifically excluded from helping organise the event as witnessed on meeting Free Pride have had over the past few weeks. Again I say, you cannot claim to welcome all if you then exclude.

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