remember to smile.

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“Sad songs.”, I’m typing into the YouTube search engine, once again. I’m lying down in my bed, once again. I’m listening to sad songs and pretty much forcing myself to cry, once again.
 Welcome to my own little Nicholas Sparks movie.

Well, this happened every two weeks when I was a teenager. Just casually lying in my bed and crying over a guy. You know, as you do as a 16 year old.
 Why? Nobody knows really. I guess, I just had the feeling that’s what teenage girls do. Being heartbroken, again and again. I was feeling blue all the time. No matter what happened, I was heavy-hearted. I wasn’t expecting much from life or myself at all. I just went with it. Until that one morning. Yet overcoming another apparent “broken heart”, I was fed up with feeling down. I literally told myself: “That’s it. No more of them negative thoughts and feelings. You are fine.” I got out of bed, got ready and started my day with my new companion — a positive attitude. Do you remember that silly proverb: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade? It really does work, if implemented rightly.

Pessimism seems the most suitable to most people. You will forever keep your expectations low, so you won’t be disappointed. You are basically protecting yourself. But do you?
 Of course that new project of yours will turn out horrible. Of course that holiday you went on was a bad choice. I mean, how will you ever be able to excel and surprise yourself when you really have no hope for your life or the world at all? When you always expect the worst? You simply won’t. Everything that is going to be approached with an anticipated bad outcome, is almost certainly going to turn out bad. Eventually, every day will turn into your ultimate enemy. You see, life gives you choices. Either you choose to search for “sad songs” on YouTube over and over again or you get rid of you negative energy, move on and finally start enjoying life. We should always choose to enjoy life. It might not be easier, but it keeps you going.

Being an optimist is bloody amazing. It’s almost like a superpower. We do our best to focus on the good things rather than on the bad. We have the ability to change anything for the better. That is something, we all should definitely want to achieve in life. Even though it is so very hard to keep a positive mind these days. Negativity is ruling the bloody world. I don’t even need to explain. Just turn on the TV and see for yourself. But optimists make it their number one goal to not be affected by that. Now listen here, that doesn’t make us oblivious to the outside world. We certainly know what’s going on, we just choose to let that smile from that stranger on the street, rule our day. A positive attitude is so incredibly beneficial in so many way:

1. Failure won’t hold you back. You simply pick up the piece and move on to something greater.

2. You won’t shy away from new and adventurous things, because you stopped fixating on the possible disappointment.

3. Mental health is so very important nowadays. Getting rid of any negative attitude will simplify life so much. Making it way less stressful. And quitting to worry about unnecessary things, will turn everyone into a much happier person.

4. Optimism is contagious, believe it or not. Being surrounded by people with a positive attitude is so inspiring and refreshing. Who doesn’t want to inspire others? That’s definitely something I’m keen on doing.

5. There basically isn’t another option than optimism. Negativity doesn’t have any benefits over positivity.

Obviously we optimist do not see rainbows and unicorns 24–7. Like everything in life, optimism is a skill and skills need to be learnt. There are as many ups and downs in our life as in others. The difference is, we will always bounce back. We will wait until the fog clears up, learn from failure, move forward and keep excelling ourselves. Most importantly, we will never forget to leave the house without a smile on our faces. I mean, come on. Who doesn’t love a smiling face? Remember to smile. 🙂

Originally published at on October 1, 2016.