Hey baby don’t you be blind.

This life’s a movie I’ve seen so many times.

With crooked cops who abuse their role. You have to watch out. They’re having too much fun. They enjoy seeing bullet holes.

Hey baby don’t you give in. Make a change in the world for the kids born in sin.

Speak ur heart, don’t you let them see you cry. You gotta stand strong, don’t be scared to fight.

Hey baby, I still love you lots. I know I don’t always say it , but I want you to know. I been out here trying. Damn, my stomachs in knots. Fighting fire with fire, hope it doesn’t burn out though.

Hey baby, you still there? I really hope you are. I been praying for us lately. Don’t know if God got my call. I texted him too though, you know just in case, but I just got a message back saying that I’d have to wait.

Hey baby, I sure do miss you. I Hope ur safe in these streets. You know they don’t give a damn about a black mans life, just becoming hashtags and tweets.

And us black women we trying hard. But shit ain’t sweet for us either. I’m just writing as I go along. Trying to stay sane, but I feel I’m getting weaker.

Hey baby, you know they scared of us right? We got them shaking all over. That’s why they trying to kill us all. Afraid their race will be no longer.

I’m not worried about them though, but I always stay careful. We used to hang from trees like ornaments, now we get shot by the handful.