Horror Movie Review: Hell House, LLC

I’m back, folks.

Well, it’s been an interesting last few weeks. I was ill for what seemed like the entire month of June and ended up in the hospital in July. When you go to the doctor for a cough that won’t go away, and she tells you to go to the emergency room, do not pass go, do not go home…well, you do it.

Rode in an ambulance too.

After nearly a week of three hots and a cot (plus snacks), I was released with bruises in the crooks of my elbows from needle sticks, a bag full of pills, and a follow-up appointment. All’s well that ends well, however, and I’m still on this side of the veil. I don’t think I’ll be pushing up daisies anytime soon.

Now that you know why I’ve been gone, let the festivities continue. Here’s a horror movie review for your reading pleasure!


Hell House, LLC (2015)


Five years after an unexplained malfunction causes the death of 15 tour-goers and staff on the opening night of a Halloween haunted house tour, a documentary crew travels back to the scene of the tragedy to find out what really happened. (from imdb.com)


Horror, Thriller


Well, well, well. The found footage genre isn’t completely dead.

If you’re a friend of mine on social media, you should well know I’ve never met a found footage film I didn’t like. Well, scrap that, because I realized, yes, I’ve met a few I didn’t care for at all. However, I am fascinated by the whole genre of found footage horror films and never pass up a chance to screen them….if I can take it. Some I won’t see because the gross factor is too high. But that’s blog post for another day.

Hell House, LLC is a little gem I found hiding on Amazon Video. Sidenote- I got the prime membership just for the shipping, but the Video area is kind of like your favorite Palmer Video. I’ve been finding quite a few cool films included with my Prime membership. Back to the movie.

The premise is quite simple: A group of friends put on haunted houses each Halloween season in New York City. This season, they decide to rent an old hotel. The Abbadon hotel in Abbadon, New York. Now, I’m pretty genre savvy, so I knew that Abbadon meant something or other, but was too lazy to reach for my phone to look it up. No matter, because I simply like watching the story unfold before my eyes. Why do research when surely the filmmakers will do it for me?

As a found footage film, this is one of the better ones. There’s not a ton of shaky cam or people yelling profanity at the camera, which is good. The movie opens telling us of an incident that happened five years prior, where people were killed/injured at the opening of the haunted house. It then circles back to before the incident, where the haunted house was being set up.

Now, for me, I’m not a haunted house type of gal. After seeing that creepy hotel, my first instinct would be:

But then there wouldn’t be a movie, would it?

I must say, this film offered me quite a few scares from places I didn’t expect and had me covering my eyes at one point. It’s fun and it holds together, pretty much, plot wise. There is very little blood/gore — it’s not a slasher film, but I tell you, it’s creepy enough that I remember some of the scenes from it a few weeks later.

Recommended — have fun!

Rating — B

I hope you enjoy!