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Hey! I’m here to pick up where my pen stopped writing the other time (just kidding), it is with great pleasure I take you through my fourth-month experience at TIIDELab.

In case you missed out, you can read up on my first, second, and third months.

Consistency pays off greatly, the popular saying ‘action becomes habits, habits become a character, and character becomes destiny.’ slowly but surely, JavaScript has become my addiction. 🙃😉

I would briefly highlight my experience and personal growth last month from partaking in more open source projects (most mentionable, the Hacktober fest) to upping my soft skills. We had classes on Product pitching, Negotiation and a webinar on emotional intelligence by Mrs. Louisa Ogwuru.

I dived in fully into React, I always thought React is a framework just like Angular and Vue, but alas, React is a component-based Library. React makes it easier to build websites using components and manage state(which holds the information that the component needs to render). All websites are built with various components, The Nav-bar, Footer, side-bar for instance are components used on Web pages. I must add that Programming itself is an infinite loop of learning, new technologies and better ways of doing things come up now and then, and we must stay updated to be relevant.

It was an intense month of getting dirty with React. I went through the fundamentals, Routing, Redux and a lot more. The implementation of my group project with React also started. I believe that React is better learnt by building projects. I would keep you updated with the Maverick digital store in the future, for now, our Engineers are still getting their hands dirty. 😁😁

Have I ever mentioned to you about the CCAT, Online Knowledge sharing(OKS), the game night and the diary session? goodness me! A lot is going on in TIIDELab, I can’t even keep up.

I would briefly be summarizing these activities. At TIIDELab, we start our daily activities with a CCAT before proceeding to the morning class. The test helps to sharpen our minds to Logic and problem-solving. It was a bit challenging at first, but now everyone has gotten used to it. We all love the CCAT at TIIDELab.

The OKS and game night commence on Wednesday and Thursday nights respectively, they are virtual events organized by the HOHs

During the OKS, the Fellows gather to learn from each other. We address topics that are challenging and bring others up to speed in our learnings. At our game nights, we play a couple of games, and the winning teams are rewarded handsomely. It serves as an avenue to take our minds off programming for a moment so we can re-focus. The popular saying is “All work and no play makes Jack a dull Developer”.

Thank you for taking your time to read once again. I would be back soon with more updates. But before then, I will love to connect with you on my

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I am an avid learner, quick to grasp new technologies to design efficient and scalable products. I am innovative and able to think outside the box.

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I am an avid learner, quick to grasp new technologies to design efficient and scalable products. I am innovative and able to think outside the box.

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