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What it means to us at Breadcrumb

David Gómez-Rosado


High Point is a city located in the Piedmont Triad region in the state of North Carolina. Extending into four counties, there are 104,371 people that live and work in the city, mostly in furniture, textiles, and bus manufacturing. The type of stuff we have started to take for granted being made overseas…

High Point, North Carolina By Google Maps

One particular family, the Cagles, have tried something different. They make quality enclosures since March 2012 for all the high-tech gadgetry we are using across America: at work, at home, at the places we bring our families. That robust point of sale used by friendly Ayush in your local grocery store? Theirs. That unbreakable information kiosk your son is pounding at the mall? Theirs. That tough tablet cover Marsha is using to take your order? Theirs. This father-son enterprise goes by the name of Vault Enclosures.

Jim Cagle: “Working with Groupon is a big deal to us”

Jim and James found a special client in Breadcrumb by Groupon. A company that architects and creates software in San Francisco for managing and running upscale restaurants.

They shared with us a passion for craft, for attention-to-detail, for caring for their customers… The alignment became obvious and gave birth to a long-term relationship, leading to a flagship product on both of our portfolios, something we are all extremely proud of.

The Breadcrumb Slice™ was born… An exclusive stand design made entirely of high-grade aluminum that feels durable and hefty, embodying the same grit and robustness as the veteran hands that have crafted it (that is right, Vault employs veterans in their manufacturing plant through the Wounded Warrior Project). This stand features a long vertical reader that reduces the typical card swiping errors of our competitors. It also has a solid construction that could take the full weight of your tired waitstaff as they lean on it. It is designed to stay on a counter or mount on a wall and it is powder-coated so it will take all the abuse your restaurant can dish out.

Vault Enclosures is certified by Made in USA

The people at Breadcrumb and Vault do not see “Made in USA” as a political rallying-cry of isolationist or nationalistic pride, in fact, much of the team and leadership in Breadcrumb originated from different countries, and the first employee of Vault was an Iraqi refugee (a USA citizen since 2013) who came to them via World Relief. Despite the injuries he suffered by a roadside bomb (sadly taking the life of most of his family) he now oversees the entire assembly process at Vault.

“Made in the USA”, for us, is about rebuilding communities and providing regained pride in hands-on skills. It is more about what is occurring downstream: When Vault Enclosure gets contracts such as ours, It’s their supplier who has also doubled in size through continued business relationship. It is the family owned business that is one of Vault’s partners who has gone from 2 employees to 11 and grown in space by 10x. It is about previously empty buildings –in an area that was hit hard when furniture went overseas– that are now being repurposed and opened again. It is about revitilizing entire cities.

Breadcrumb Slice™ plates get powder coated
Front plates dry and receive the finishing touches

How a Breadcrumb Slice is made:

Aluminum produced from raw material. Alumina (or aluminum oxide, Al2O3), is produced from extracted ore. Despite its name, it has nothing to do with clay or black soil but resembles a flour or very white sand. Alumina is then transformed into aluminium through electrolytic reduction.

1) Raw 6061 high grade aluminum is pulled from inventory and placed into production at Vault Enclosures’ facility.

2) Faceplates and backplates are CNC machined and polished.

3) Bases are formed and bent to proper radius & specs.

4) All items are then sent to powder coating for phosphate cleaning and an application of high grade Cardinal powder coat paint.

5) Once powder coated, the Breadcrumb logo is applied to the faceplates and bases This is a multistep process with each unit being sent back to the ovens for 15 minutes for each color used.

7) All components of the Breadcrumb Slice are then assembled, packaged and made ready for shipment to Breadcrumb by Groupon

Why the name “Slice”? Look at it from the side… it is truly a blade of steel, you could cut bread with it! The full metal housing protects an Apple iPad Air™, so the profile could literally not get any thinner.
Creating the Breadcumb Slice™ faceplate at Vault

“Vault Enclosure’s know-how and vast expertise in tablet-based terminals, allow us to provide an exclusive and unmatched-anywhere-else solution to all our Breadcrumb PRO customers”

Kerry Davis — Product Manager, Hardware & Supply at Breadcrumb by Groupon

White Breadcrumb Slice™ at Rye restaurant in San Francisco

The Cagles represent the people we at Breadcrumb like to work with, for, towards. Our solutions are meant for the hard-working people that believe in making a difference in their communities. We hope our products provide them with the tools to succeed with their own local customers, while they grow their business the old-fashion way: making with their hands and serving others. That is why it makes sense to see ourselves the same way, that is why we build in the USA… to collaborate with and learn from folks like Jim and James.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Groupon or Breadcrumb by Groupon.



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