ECMAScript beautifier based on eslint

Daishi Kato
1 min readDec 1, 2016

Have you used JS Beautifier [1] before? It automatically formats your JavaScript code. I would like to announce my latest project “es-beautifier” which has similar functionality and it’s for new ECMAScript.

What’s interesting in this project is that it’s totally based on eslint [2]. Essentially, es-beautifier is a set of eslint rules, a custom config and a CLI tool. eslint already has several fixable rules that can be used to beautify code. es-beautifier simply adds some more rules as an eslint plugin. The major benefit of this structure is that it can make use of the eslint ecosystem. Rules would be improved in a bigger community and more plugins would be developed.

Currently basic rules are implemented and it should be ready for others. Please take time to try it out and I’d appreciate for any feedback. Besides improving rules, the next task would be editor integrations. So, contributions are welcome.

Happy beautifying!