The best Christmas gift of the year: A subscription to a publication Trump hates

Photo by Bogdan Suditu via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Still looking for a last-minute gift? Something that keeps on giving, that the recipient will enjoy, and might just make a difference in the world? Here’s an idea: gift a subscription to one of the many publications Donald Trump has insulted, threatened, blacklisted or otherwise tried to silence.

The thin-skinned president-elect doesn’t take criticism well—especially when it’s fact-based—so he has taken swipes at a wide range of newspapers, magazines, and other outlets, across the political spectrum.

Serious journalism is not “Sad!” Free speech is a pillar of liberal democracy. Serious journalists aren’t “sad”, either. They seek the truth, record history, and keep people in power honest.

The New York Times (Trump’s true bête noire) compiled list of all the people, places and things Trump has insulted on Twitter since he began his campaign for president last year. Below are the media outlets from that list that offer subscriptions.

It has always been important to support the independent press, but now it’s crucial. This holiday season, give a useful and timely gift, resist Trump and support a noble profession all in one go! Click on the publication’s name to subscribe (in many cases, it costs about the same as a nice pair of socks.)

Major newspapers and magazines

The New York Times — “A laughingstock rag!”

The Washington Post— “Don’t buy, boring!”

Vanity Fair — “Big trouble, dead!”

The Wall Street Journal — “Dummies”

Forbes — “Circulation way down”

Fortune“Few people know that Fortune Magazine is still in business.”

National Review — “Very few people read”

The Weekly Standard— A “small and slightly failing magazine”

USA Today— “Will lose readers”

Local newspapers

Des Moines Register— “Seriously failing”

New Hampshire Union Leader— “Circulation dropping to record lows”

The Arizona Republic— “People are really smart in cancelling subscriptions”

The Dallas Morning News— “People are really smart in cancelling subscriptions” (also, apparently)