Chronicles of an Era Reborn

All the movies I have watched until now? 1400 give or take. Movies I watched from 2014 to 2015? Approximately 300. Movies I watched from 2015 to 2016? Maybe a little less than 30…

Huh? What happened there? Why that serious drop in numbers? We really began to think you liked movies, loved them even… So, WHY?!

I really did love passing every other night immersed in a whole different world, be it our beloved mother Earth but with a nice exotic spice added to it, or just some randomly generated ultra sci-fi planet you could have hardly ever thought of. I really loved struggling with every character, cheer with them, fall in love with them, cry my eyes out and even get my whole being crushed by those unexpected plot twists… God, I did love it!

You keep saying you LOVE-D doing that? What about now? Oh, well, this last year I got myself entangled in a game, an MMO, called Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I took it upon myself that I had to become really good at what I had chosen to grow up into, a mighty Warrior. I had to live up to other people expectations and better myself every time I logged in. I even had role models whom I looked up to, just like a little kid looks up to his father and finds himself fascinated by what this “being” can do. Oh god, I began growing and growing, but once you cap the tough part begins. You find yourself part of an 8 men crew, who you can just imagine as jumping rope at the same time, if one fails every one else dies. And this is where the real struggle begins, coping with 7 other people from god knows where, who have logged in game after a strenuous work day, who might have just broken up with their loved ones, or might have even lost someone that very day… The only problem is that once you log in those things don’t matter anymore. You turn into a gaming machine who is not allowed to make mistakes. All for that brief, glorious moment of clearing that new content. It was like an addiction and there was always something new beyond the infinity of every patch and extension. This new “girlfriend” never got boring and it just kept you getting more and more madly in love with… So, after a year in this relationship I found myself with 1250 hours cut out of my life, and at the beginning of every month I had to reach into my bank account for that $13 that would make this b*tch stick with me… I had lost my way, strayed from the righteous path.

I just recently got out of that relationship and have been trying to go back to the way things were before. I found out I had really missed watching a movie. I even started with my childhood crush, the Harry Potter series, how can you even say no to a world like that? Right, you can’t. I will most probably be re-watching some of my favorites then catch up with the new ones. Have heard of some new nice worlds out there worth exploring.

Having written this, I feel like I have put down some chronicles of a dark era now past and hopefully soon to be forgotten. Hah, I think I’ll just go and throw the Ring into the depths of Mt. Doom…

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