#Inktober_4: Underwater

Photo by Ameen Fahmy on Unsplash

… And now, the news!

Our beloved King Neptune had a meeting with the high functionaries of the Coral Island communities. Sources say that the meeting was about the increase in water pollution and what measures need to be taken in order to prevent further spreading of this problem.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Don Slime, reported today that a new treaty has been reached with the Giant Sea Creature community. He stated earlier that the minor dispute between the community, living in the eastern furthermost part of Blu Grill, and the Capital citizens, was caused by some teenage sharks, who thought it would be fun to trouble the otherwise calm waters in that region.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jinbei, was invited to be part of the meeting held between all the Foreign Affair Ministers of the Human World. The meeting was about the new laws and regulations that would allow the humans to visit Blue Grill. The platform that was presented and discussed in the meeting, would make our capital one of the major tourist attractions on Earth.

Princess Shirahoshi was part of a concert held today in the Blue Grill Opera House. The concert was brought by the Mermen and Mermaids Singing and Dancing Association. It featured traditional songs and dances from our communities as well as modern music for the younger generation. The Princess was really thrilled to be a guest of honor and said for the cameras that she hopes concerts like this take place more often.

A new movie is about to be released by the Underwater Film Industry. One of the major producers of the UFI, Mrs. Kakino Kish, said today that the documentary motion pic would be a perfect way to introduce how mermen, mermaids and other sea creatures live their everyday lives, as it is also expected to be released in the human world.

That was all for today from the capital of the Underwater World, Blue Grill. Dear Mermen and Mermaids, Good Night!

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