7 SEO trends will dominate the world since 2017

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fierce arena. Why? Because you have to keep your rank on top position at the first page of Search Engine, you need to keep ranking better than your competitors. You always have to precede other competitors.

One of decisive elements is the exact estimation of Search Engine changes in order to have appropriate strategies and modify your content before your competitors do. This sounds uncomplicated but absolutely different in reality. Since when you change it, others recognize and do it as well, and we mostly can not know how they can do. In this early period of 2017, eCoupon.io will have some opinions about SEO as below.

1. AMPs — Accelerated Mobile Pages on trend

“The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) is an open-source initiative aiming to make the web better for all. The project enables the creation of websites and ads that are consistently fast, beautiful and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms” as said on ampproject.org. Theoretically, these AMPs load 4 times faster and use less data 8 times than usual; hence, it will be prior by Google. Actually, Google “prefer” websites with AMPs.

Therefore, if there are no AMPs in your website, add this feature right now.

2. Content — dense content will lead once more time?

In reality, users are fed up with copy-paste content as current from many websites. You can easily catch the same content copied totally from a website to another one, or a little changed/ paraphrased to cheat Search Engine. Once again, copy-paste makes your website backwards, sooner or later. Google will only appreciate your content, instead of the length of your articles; all about Google cares is the quality of it and the unique level that you can create. You had better write your own at all, as long as people can get your point of content, 500 or 5000 words is not the matter.

3. Artificial Intelligence will change algorithms

Google RankBrain which has officially been released in lately 2015, opened the door to Artificial Intelligence era, Machine Learning -data analyzing method that will automate building analyzing model. Advanced features from Google HummingBird will automatically “learn” and improve how users arrange and set up keywords. Google will definitely launch Machine Learning updates in correlative fields continuously in many years to come, such as Data Interpretation or Marketing Automation.

4. Personal brand name will become a secret ace

Do you care about this? This is turning your personal brand name to core strategy for SEO. With personnel, you can easily control your articles, make people encounter them, and convert traffics to your website. With a particular social platform like Facebook, trend that makes personal accounts become aces for big brands will surely break out in the future. Hence, more competitors will appear in this area.

5. User Experience Optimization (UEO) will eliminate the boundaries in SEO

User Experience Optimization (UEO) had been predominating in SEO, at least in some areas in Google, especially in adapting to mobile equipment, optimizing interaction between users and equipment. Clearly, the faster speed of your website is, the more excited your readers feel. Launching AMPs, Google will definitely appreciate websites with UEO.

6. SEO with App?

Within the past 3 years, we witnessed so many SEO options for Mobile Apps. From basis like programe index, embed link from content in, streaming programe, streaming that ruled the root on social… will help people to encounter their content in many ways. It is too soon to discuss about the replacement of these applications for traditional websites, but probably it may happen in the future.

7. Personal Digital Assistants will be more sophisticated, and change the way to make questions

The existence of Personal Digital Assistants has become popular, especially when big fishes in IT industry started to integrate into this potential area. Particularly as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft… on the one hand, these digital assistants which helped our technology life simpler, however we will gradually depend on too much. Hopefully, in this 2017, it will be seen more diversification and precision from them.

Source: 7 SEO trends will dominate the world since 2017