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What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is the latest innovative type of web hosting. This form of hosting has become popular over the past few years. It is a term related to hosting services running on Cloud Computing technologies. These technologies allow several clustered servers to act as one system. And resources will be easily scaled to manage as needed.

What you need to know?

Cloud Hosting Benefits

It’s guaranteed by multiple machines across multiple locations worldwide. So that, this is the highest level of web hosting performance. Furthermore, when using cloud hosting you will receive many benefits below:

  • They guarantee server resources for you such as RAM, CPU
  • You always have redundant data storage
  • It’s easy to integrate extra resources such as RAM, CPU, space
  • It’s ensure that your websites grow flexibility
  • Very easy to setup, usually it’s handled by hosting providers
  • You can choose the operating system you want, such as Linux, Window or you can even upload your own OS ISO file
  • Users can scale up as their business needed.
  • Users are charged for the services they utilize so that they do not pay for any unused capacity


Nowadays, more and more hosting providers using this cloud technologies to provide services to their customers. They also offer range of features and functionalities to appeal to both technical and non-technical users. The 3 most benefits of using cloud hosting is Scalability, Immediacy and Savings

Usually each offers cheap prices with many features included. This will increase the value of their services. If you have business that require those functions, then you can go with them. There’re many guys such as Godaddy, GreenGeeks, iPage, Bluehost can provide you as your needs.

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