What is Reseller Hosting and What you need to know!

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What is Reseller Hosting?

As per its name, re-seller means that you buy and sell again your services. So that with this hosting packages, you can build up your own hosting company about web hosting services. And then using your hosting resources to sell to end users.

This is one of the type of web hosting wherein your account have ability to create many client accounts and sell them to end users.

What you need to know?


  • You can build up your own hosting company using re-seller plans
  • You need to buy a power re-seller plan from some hosting providers and sell again
  • There is very little maintenance requirements
  • You can get more profit by selling many hosting packages
  • You can define your own price policy and apply it to end users plans


  • May be you will need to give a fast technical support to your client in case they need urgent helps
  • You have a little control over your hosting resources
  • The marketing budget is high if you want to scale up your business


Reseller hosting is a good choice for anyone who want to start up their own business in hosting industry. Furthermore, it is also a low risk investment with limited budget at beginning.

If you’re an experienced developer or webmaster, you can buy hosting at reseller hosting providers. This will save you a lot of money instead of buy directly at the parent company. But if you’re new to hosting and website, you should not choose reseller hosting. In many case, if you have problems, you will need technical support from hosting provider to troubleshoot the problems for you.

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