What you need to know about Domain Transfer?

What you need to know about Domain Transfer? If you’re an experience domainer then this article is not for you. However, as all you know that transferring domains from current registrar to another registrar is one of the best way to reduce the annual price when you don’t want to renew them with a higher price.

Many guys usually buy domains whenever a registrar offering a discount or at time they give a special deal in order to get a better price. At these discounts, the domains price is very low, usually from only 99 cents to $5 or a little bit more. This is only a half or 1/3 from original price. So that many guys will buy a lot.

Actually, Domain transfer is a process that you config to move your domain from your current registrar to another registrar you choose (usually with cheaper price). When you transfer your domains, you don’t need to pay the renewal price for your old registrar, but you must to pay the transfer price for new registrar, that price will include one more year at new registrar. Example for this, your domain will be expired at June 31st 2017, but now (on February 2017) you do a transfer then your domain will be expired next year at June 31st 2018.

The transfer price is always cheaper and better than renewal price. Before transferring your domains, you should check again some points below in order you don’t get any problem while doing.

1. Turn off your domain Whois Privacy feature

This is a necessary because when transferring domain they will need to verify your information to prove that you’re a right owner of that domain. So that you need to turn this feature off and show your real information. And the domain administrator’s email is the most important, make sure that you have an access to that email.

2. You must to unlock your domain

If your domain is locked then you can not continue. Try to unlock it first. When unlocking you will need to get an Authorization Code (also called EPP code or Auth Code). An authorization code is usually a 6- to 16-character code assigned by the registrar, it is created when the domain is first registered.

Example how to get EPP code at Godaddy

  1. Log into your GoDaddy account and Go to your dashboard
  2. At the top-right corner of the page, hover over the your name drop-down menu and click Visit My Account (Or my Products)
  3. Go to you domain list then Next to Domain you choose to transfer, click Manage.
  4. On Domain Details page, you will see the Authorization Code getting function at the end of the page. Click to Email my code. Then check your email to get the code.

3. Your domain must be 60 days old before transferring

That means if you’ve just registered it then you will need to wait more 60 days then you can transfer it to another registrars. You also should not update the domain’s info before transferring because sometimes you can not transfer it. If your domain is expiring then sometimes you can not also transfer it. This depends on each registrar policy. Especially with Godaddy, you can transfer your domains out if they’re going to expire.

However if you transfer your domain in the same registrar, between your account and another account, then you don’t need to wait 60 days. You can push it immediately after buying.

4. Use mediate Nameserver when transferring

This will help you to ensure that your domain (website) still remain active and still be accessible while doing the transfer process. There’re many free Nameserver services that you can use. One of them is CloudFlare, it’s best free service as I know. You can use them as you want.

So those are 4 important notices that you will need to remember before transferring your domains out. I see that there’re many guys who own many domains and need to renew at the same time usually use this way to reduce their renewal price. That’s really a smart strategy and you can also do that. There’s not much coupon for domain transfer that the moment but when you transfer domains without any discount, the transfer price is also cheaper than renewal price.

Currently, you can transfer your domains .COM to Godaddy just only $7.99/year. That’s a good price. Find their coupons here >>> Godaddy transfer coupon active and latest in this year currently

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