Veganism can solve all your problems

Over the past few decades, veganism has been on the rise in the United States as well as across the world. Alicia Petracca, 16, from Long Island, NY, has been a part of the trend for almost two years. Her reasons for going vegan come from a long history of struggling with painful health problems.

After years of experiencing complex migraines, Petracca read that making changes to one’s diet can help suppress such painful headaches, which include symptoms such as paralysis in half the body, violent vomiting, loss of speech, and blurred vision.

“They lasted for up to a week, and occurred at least once a month, taking me out of far too much school,” said Petracca in response to being asked about how the migraines affected her daily life. Missing school is a major problem among those who suffer from severe migraines, since such headaches can end up leaving one debilitated for a short period of time.

In most cases, medicine is prescribed by doctors to help with headaches. But, in Alicia’s case, such medication only made her life worse. “The medicine I was prescribed made me act like a zombie,” she said. She felt worse, her migraines were not getting better, and the doctor kept saying that the answer was to up her dosage. She felt as though something was off, and started looking for a different answer.

In some cases, a change of diet to a vegan one can cure migraines. Veganism can also prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other major fatal diseases. Petracca said, “I took matters into my own hands and started to study nutrition. I found out that going vegan can help with migraines, so I tried it, and it really worked.”

Was going vegan difficult? “Only the first month. After that, the body loses most of its cravings,” the vegan said.

Can veganism be the answer to America’s health problems, which include obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.? According to health experts, it may in fact be.