AQUA: We Want to Reshape the Value of Content Ecosystem

Since blockchain was born, it has portrayed a beautiful vision all the way, trying to solve the decentralized trust and incentive mechanism of all walks of life.

Today, on the 10 year anniversary of Bitcoin, the blockchain is no longer the baby who is overwhelmed. Today’s blockchain, from finance to IoT, from travel to identity, from quiz to voting, is like a little boy who is passionate with the world, exploring the possibilities of it. And this time, when we try to solve the trust and incentive mechanism of content ecosystem in the digital age by blockchain, we were surprised to find out that there is a wonderful and harmonious mechanism that might solve this problem perfectly.

This incentive mechanism creates a secured and trusted digital content distribution network. It would be like that all information including elegant words, old-film videos and comforting music is being transmitted and spread effectively and freely in this energetic content ocean. The approval in transmission is as what block broadcasting plays in Bitcoin. In the process, digital content finds its own value connecting each participant in the ecology and empowering each other. Every individual who contributes to the content ecology can be motivated, and this is AQUA.

We aim to build a content ecosystem with trust and incentive mechanisms implemented with blockchain technology, creating an open economical system, and reshaping the value chain for content and digital assets industry. AQUA has a comprehensive digital content distribution protocols and ground layer blockchain architecture, advanced and complete technology gives the content space an extremely imaginative space, and our open source protocols allow third-party developers to easily build their own applications in the ecosystem. It is a digital content ecosystem that allows all participants to collaborate and achieve mutually beneficial results, creating a win-win situation for all. In the near future, with the exception of text, audio and video, the game will also be moved into the AQUA ecosystem to create a closed-loop of true content.

AQUA adopts the dual-token economic model: Equity Token (AQD) and Function Token (JUP) to support the positive circulation in the ecosystem. AQD represents value appreciation and rights, while JUP guarantees a relatively stable costs environment for all partners in AQUA ecosystem to maximize their business operation with services provided by the AQUA Chain.

Currently, AQUA World provides solutions for multiple content ecological scenarios, lots of participants are involved in the digital content field, such as content producers, consumers, disseminators, agents, investors, content platforms, channel distributors, MCN and so on.

AQUA World also provides end-to-end applications tools for platforms, and APIs for application developers and partners in the ecosystem. All participants in the AQUA community are treated as partners, innovating and collaborating together under the incentive mechanism of the AQUA community to achieve a win-win environment, paving the way for a flourishing content ecosystem. And this is AQUA’s vision for reshaping content and digital assets industry.

In the 1760s, The steam engine ushered in the industrial age; In the 19th century, the power revolution promoted the development of society’s productivity. And now in the 20th century, after solving the information asymmetry, the Internet brings convenience to the world that the 18th century residents could not imagine.

Today, on the 10 year anniversary of Bitcoin, AQUA does not want to change the whole world ambitiously. We just want to reshape the value chain for content and digital assets industry. We gather here today, sincerely looking forward to your joining, vote for the world we want within the limits of our ability.