The Best Negotiating Tips You’ll Ever Read

Negotiating can be tough, especially if you’ve never done it before. Whether it’s for a higher salary, a promotion, or a hostage exchange, negotiating is a keen skill to master.

  • Don’t blink: Blinking shows weakness. Always remember to stare directly into their eyes. The wider your gaze the more power you have.
  • Speak loudly: This will help establish dominance in the conversation. Raise your voice to an almost uncomfortable volume and they will have no choice but to obey your demands.
  • Get as close as you can to their face: An old Harvard Business School trick that works like a charm. Their face will turn a cheerful red and they’ll appreciate your enthusiasm.
  • Interrupt them mid-sentence: Take control of the conversation by interrupting them whenever they try to offer a suggestion. You will come off as the most confident person in the room.
  • Attack their self-esteem: Ask them who dressed them this morning. Call them four eyes if they’re wearing glasses. They’ll admire your honesty and may even offer to take you out for drinks.

There’s nothing better than a solid list of negotiating tips. So add these to your business playbook for next time.

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