The Five Greatest Ways to Nail An Interview

We all get nervous before an interview. It’s completely natural. Try these tips next time you get ready for an interview to blow them away.

  • Speak in third person. Statistics show that speaking in third person portrays a sense of intelligence. For example, if your name is Tim you can say things like “Tim is never late for work” or “Tim will always get the job done”.
  • Remind the interviewer you know where they live. You don’t even need to actually know their home address to try this awesome tip. They’ll appreciate the time you took to explore their personal life.
  • Before the interview starts, do some pushups in the office. Exercise relieves stress and will give you a clear head. Ask the interviewer for a Glacier Freeze Gatorade so that you can restore your electrolytes afterwards.
  • Pull out your phone during questioning and text your friends. They’ll be impressed with your extreme popularity. Hold up your finger to silence them for a longer-lasting impression.
  • Ask the interviewer to go out for drinks. It’s a well-known fact that networking gives you a huge one-up in business. Asking your interviewer to do a couple rounds of Jolly Rancher shots will help you land that job and even make a new friend.

And of course, spray yourself everywhere with AXE Body Spray beforehand. Your scent will remind them of a locker room from high school and they’ll be overflowing with nostalgia. You will literally bring tears to their eyes.

Good luck!

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