This Brutually Honest Engineering Campus Placement Interview Is Hialrious AF!

With the onset of placement season in Engineering colleges all across India, AIB i.e. All India Bakchod has come up with a hilarious video how honest campus selection actually look like.

If you haven’t watched the videos yet, what are you even doing? I am sure all the Engineering lads will agree with the satire depicted in the video. The video consists of 3 parts and 3 main characters which are found in every Engineering college i.e. Failure guy, Average guy, and the most loathed character the ‘Over-achiever guy’.

The first episode that shows the class geek getting placed in a highly reputed company. The best part of the episode is the ‘Engineering Anthem’. Here, watch the full episode:

The second part comes with a twist. Watch the video below to find out who gets placed first among the average and failure guy. The learning that comes from the video is never to let ‘Counterstrike’ or ‘DOTA’ ruin your life. Wondering what I just mentioned? Here, watch the second part:

Now, that both the geek and failure have been placed, the focus comes to the ‘Average’. In my unadulterated opinion, the third part is the best of the three. Why you ask? Only because it exposes the brutal reality how students are pushed forcibly in the domain of Engineering. No more questions, no more answers, you better watch and find out!

Now that you are done laughing, let’s focus on the serious part. The most striking segment of the entire series were the lines:

“I did not choose this Engineering life, sir, and neither did this Engineering life choose me. It was shoved down my throat by my teachers while my hands were tied behind my back by my friends and my parents watched in silence.”

The message is clear. Choose your stream wisely. Identify your area of interest and strengths. We are living in the 20th-century people. The job opportunities we have are limitless. Engineering is not a brand. Remember that!

Originally published at Daily blogs and video logs.