In the Internet kitchen with Alton Brown

It’s no surprise that all of us here at the Daily Dot are big fans of Alton Brown and his unique brand of Internet, so when the opportunity arose to work together, we jumped at the chance.

It all started on Twitter, when Brown, popular host and television personality, retweeted a teaser for the Sherlock Victorian New Year’s special. Unsurprisingly, we were quite twitterpated that he knew about our little old website so naturally we slid into his DMs to see if there wasn’t something we could do together to bring the Internet together in the pursuit of fun and science. A few discussions later, we both felt we had hit on a great idea: science and the kitchen alongside the opportunity for folly. Between Brown’s star power and Amazon’s desire to sell you as many useless things as possible, a video primed to make a splash was born.

What happened next is the kind of response from which viral dreams spring. Over the following days, the video earned 3.7M views on YouTube, another 2M views on Facebook, and was a trending video on both sites. It also made the front page of Reddit and was covered by Good Morning America.

via Reddit

As the press rolled in, we saw incredible things happen. People loved the video. From Reddit and Refinery29, to Bustle and the AV Club, and even TastefullyOffensive and SimplyRecipes, the Internet had as much fun as we did watching a beloved television personality prove that all the gadgetry in the world won’t make you a better chef.

The video continues to garner views even weeks after it went live, and NPR’s All Things Considered included it in its Dec. 23 show.

What did we learn from the whole experience? Our audience loves Alton Brown as much as we do, and great content wins the day.