How to Listen to Your Customers

TL;DR — DailyDrip is moving to five days a week, because that’s what our customers want. Here we explain why and how we came to that conclusion.

Everyone always says you should ‘listen to your customers’ and ‘build what they want’. I don’t like open generic statements like that. What does that mean? How do you do it? There is very little tactical advice in these generalities. Today I’ll show you an example of how we research our market, talk to our customers, and make positive changes to our business.

Every time someone unsubscribes from DailyDrip I personally email them and ask them ‘What could be better?’ Historically these emails have a 42% response rate for me, so don’t be afraid to ask your users! They want to be heard, even the ones that aren’t users any longer.

Every time someone unsubscribes from DailyDrip I personally email them and ask them ‘What could be better?’

I take all these responses and track them in a spreadsheet, along with a 1–2 word summary that lets me easily spot trends. One trend I’ve been seeing since our March launch is 20% of those respondents said they didn’t have time to keep up with the content. As a company that prides itself in being very efficient in how we leverage our user’s time, this was a bit painful to see.

We talk to our users daily, and sometimes send out short surveys. That regular communication helps us steer the product. We use Mailchimp to email all of our active subscribers a link to a short survey hosted (for free) on Typeform, which also makes analyzing the results a breeze. For surveys: short is important! Here is the text I used in the last email:

We know you get these silly surveys all the time, but we really want to build the best service for you.
Help shape the future of DailyDrip by taking this quick survey — it’s only 7 questions, and you’ll be done in under one minute:
<link to survey>
Adam & Josh at

It’s short and to the point, but most of all it’s not crazy boring and doesn’t feel like a stuffy corporation emailing hundreds of thousands of addresses another stupid survey.

So how did it go?

  • Two-thirds of our users opened the email
  • A quarter clicked the link
  • A fifth answered the survey

By most email marketing standards, that’s decent.

Since time was an issue with unsubscribers, one of the questions I asked this time was:

How many days per week would you like to get a Drip?
A) Monday through Friday (5 days a week)
B) Every Day! (7 days a week)

To our surprise, over 80% of our users said they only wanted to get a drip during the workweek (Monday through Friday).

So that’s what we are doing. Starting immediately, DailyDrip is moving to 5 days a week. We’ll still have our great videos two days a week, and the other three days will be short text and those exercises that so many users tell us they love.

Take the weekend off. You work hard all week and deserve it. But before you do, leave a comment telling us your favorite way to start a conversation with your customers.

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