A simple technique for a delightful user experience within Slack

Providing real-time feedback on what your app is doing within Slack can be a delightful user experience and makes your bot feel snappy and responsive. In this article I want to showcase an approach we used for the Daily Fire Slack bot to show progress of a long running, multi-step task.

First, lets take a quick look at the technique in action:

Progress over multi-step tasks

🔥 A bit of context

At Daily Fire we want to liven up your Slack channels with music. …

In this article I want to take a dive into what has recently become one of my favourite CSS effects, pure CSS parallax. I wasn’t much of a fan of parallax on the web as it is often tacky and laggy. That was until I discovered this blog post by Google showcasing how to achieve performant parallax with CSS.

Since applying this technique I have been been loving the layer of polish it adds. Implemented with subtlety I think it can take your website to the next level and make it stand out from the crowd.

Pure CSS parallax is…

Do you work at a desk? Chances are you listen to music while working. In fact, it’s widely known that listening to music at work increases your productivity while working. According to one study 90% of workers were found to perform better and produce more accurate work while listening to music.

Music is great at getting us in the zone, but it also has a fantastic ability to bring people together. Some theorise we are on the cusp of a rising epidemic of loneliness in the workspace, something that may well be on the rise given the shift toward a…

Hey all 😊

Im super excited to be releasing a new feature I’ve been working hard on over the last month or so: themes!

Themes or “theme days” are a great way to make a day special. They allow you to set a topic or mood for the day, and Daily Fire will create dedicated playlists for the songs shared that day.

🔥 What’s a “theme”?

A theme is simply a topic you schedule for a particular day, everyone can then post songs related to that theme and Daily Fire will create dedicated playlists from the songs shared on the day.

Themes are meant…

In this series, I want to share 3 CSS tricks that I have consistently found myself using when adding polish to websites. Adding subtle, surprising elements that add to the experience of browsing your website can help to set yourself apart and make your site memorable. We will focus on performant CSS animations that you can easily drop into any site.

In Part 1, we are going to take a look at perhaps my favorite CSS effect: Cursor Trails

🔥 Cursor Trails

This is one of my favorite effects to use because it is so fun to play with but also super easy…

Single Page Apps, and the frameworks that support them, provide a great opportunity to add layers of interactivity and “wow-factor” to your design. In this article we will take a look at Vue.js and how to integrate the GSAP animation library to add some 🔥 to your site.

Vue.js is a Javascript framework that is both powerful and easy to pick up. With the help of Vue CLI we are able to quickly scaffold new apps with all the lastest Webpack features, without spending hours configuring your Webpack setup. Simply install Vue CLI, type vue create <project-name> and you’re away!

Slack workspace tokens were released last year, however they still remain in “developer preview”. The new features that come with this token type are a welcome upgrade from the traditional way of building Slack apps, working with them feels right. For us, some key features of the new token type were:

  • Being able to invite your app to Direct Message conversations
  • Subscribing to events only from a specific channel
  • Installing the app Workspace wide, not only to the user that installed it
  • Progressive permissions
  • And many more

These features, combined with the recent Message Actions, enable developers to build more…

Hey all,

These last two weeks have been pretty light on feature development. I’ve been focusing on migrating the last of the ‘legacy’ code to the newer domain driven approach in the backend. This allows for quicker development of future features so keep an eye out for more in the coming weeks.

As there are no cool new features to showcase I thought I would take this post as an opportunity to update you on my current feelings and thoughts towards Daily Fire and where my head is at. …

Hello all 😊

Checking in from lovely Pai, Thailand today! My current view:

Feeling like a true digital nomad 😛

This past sprint I worked mostly on the bot reply, adding the alternative platform song links feature.

🔥 Alternative Song Links

One piece of feedback that has come up a few times is that some users don’t use a certain platform that users are posting a lot of songs from, e.g. Spotify. I thought it would be cool if you could still follow along, regardless of your platform preferences. Luckily there is a really cool service called Songlink that does exactly this! You can check out an example here: https://song.link/s/6A896DSWSsBGcmP5Bp1tbe


Hey all!

Checking in from Sydney today 😊🌉

These two weeks I’ve been hard at work launching the ‘Connect to Slack’ flow. This allows new users to connect Daily Fire to their Slack team and activate their desired channels. I also added a feature to mute the bot user, and started on fetching alternative platform links for each song.

We also on-boarded 3 new groups. You can check them out here:

🔥 Office Rave: https://app.daily-fire.com/groups/gxsdtb/office-rave

🔥#Music: https://app.daily-fire.com/groups/9njhq9/music

🔥 myAdBox: https://app.daily-fire.com/groups/rv4t9d/myadbox

🔥 Connect Slack

The main objective for this sprint was to create a page and onboarding flow for users to connect their Slack…

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